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I Kissed A Girl is a boner dyke anthem for straight girls who like to turn guys on by making out or like faking gay. I hate Katy Perry! She’s offensive to gay culture, I’m so offended. She’s just riding on the backs of our culture, without having to pay any of the dues and not being actually lesbian or anything at all. She’s on the cover of a fucking gay magazine.

Beth Ditto

“more like I Kissed A Girl so my Boyfriend could Masturbate About it Later” -Kathleen Hanna

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It all started with I kissed a girl by Jill Sobule: (starring Fabio) :D The original is much better and it’s not pretentious at all. Unfortunately, Jill Sobule did not possess Kate Perry’s looks even though she was far more talented.

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no. it’s just a job, how I make money.

my name is holmes. JOHN holmes.

(just kiddin’) 

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didja mean it, k?

didja mean it, k?

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